Blank tube shall be spun by rollers rotating along the tube perimeter. Compared with the conventional process (press + welding), this spinning process enables big reduction of welding process and the production cost.


  • As this process does not need dies inside the tube, it is possible to spin the tube with brick inside

  • During the process, tube clamp section will not be applied with any centrifugal force as the tube does not rotate. This allows to process with a minimum clamping force, minimizing clamping scratch and possible damage on the bricks.

  • Because it is not necessary to stop the spindle when a tube is loaded, it makes possible to reduce the cycle time compared with work rotation method.

  • A wide range of options are available to meet a variety of customer needs.(An automated work loading / unloading, a work rotation, brick detection mechanism, work auto-offloading and a variable outer diameter clamp unit and so on).

  • The above machines are equipped with a slitter mechanism as standard, which allows a series of process from spinning to end cutting with a single chucking.

Process samples

  • Eccentric oblique(*)

    Note: in case of processing eccentric / oblique parts, there is a possibility to infringe the third party’s patents.
    For more information, please contact Nihon Spindle.

  • Concentric

Outline Drawing

SR150-T4 / SR200-T4


Processing Area (SR150-T4)