• May. 29, 2020 Acquisition of 100% shares of German machine manufacturer Leifeld Metal Spinning AG(hereafter Leifeld)

    Please refer to the link on the right in details. Acquisition of 100% shares of Leifeld Metal Spinning AG

    Leifeld is a German machine manufacturer that designs and sells spinning machines and flow forming machines for automotive, aerospace, energy and industrial applications. Founded 129 years ago, Leifeld is a pioneer company of flow forming processing, and a global top company with overwhelming brand power.
    There are little overlap of products and sales regions between Nihon Spindle and Leifeld. Both of the companies will maintain each brands and products while creating synergy effects in terms of technology, services, and sales by acquiring shares. Nihon Spindle and Leifeld will work together to strengthen the business foundation of both companies.

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