High speed rotor will generate mechanical shear and cavitation. Cavitation will contribute to disperse agglomerates by expansion and shrinkage of microbubbles. Also applicable for dispersion of CNF (Nano Cellulose Fiber ) in a short time with mildly and uniformly.

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  • Liquid, powders will be available for continuous supply、dissolving and dispersion
  • Realize 5~6 times in productivity compare to conventional mixers
  • Realize to minimize process due to several kinds of powders can be fed in one time
  • Compact design allows to space-saving
  • All parts can be completely dismantled which meets sanitary requirement


Lithium Ion Batteries, Capacitors, Fuel Cell, Binders
Medical patch, Ointment
High molecular composite, Toner, Coating agents
CNF(Cellulose Nano Fiber)
Emulsion, Sun screen cream

General examples in capability for dispersion & dissolving

Advantages of JET PASTER

How to make a Electrode slurry by JET PASTER

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Quick & mild dispersion Making use of Microbubbles generated by cavitation

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Dispersion stability of Inorganic composite available by CNF

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Cavitation bubble plasma processing device

Application of cavitation bubble plasma
Plasma is generated by applying high voltage to cavitation bubbles
Applicable for dispersion, Nanoparticle synthesis, Sterilization. High speed, bulky treatment will be available so,a novel technology to be applied to industrial requirement
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System integration

Circulation system
For deep dissolving, high dispersion case

Improve current process / use final dispersion
Position JET PASTER after current mixer to shorten cycle time and acquire better dispersion

Series of our product

for Laboratory purpose
Realize high productivity due to high speed dispersion
for Laboratory development~small lot pilot line

Cathode manufacturing method using water process

New technology solves problems with high capacity cathode active materials

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