Our after-sales service for industrial machinery covers a wide range of requests including inspection and maintenance, based on reliable technology and a track record backed up by many years of accumulated experience.

Available services

  • Sale of replacement parts
  • Processing and technology training
  • Various inspections
  • Various types of repair and overhaul services
  • Improvement proposals for lower energy consumption and higher efficiency
  • [Inspection]

  • [Processing and technology training]

  • [Repair]

Example of after-sales service

VARIFORMA - Proposal of energy saving hydraulic system

Configuration of energy saving hydraulic system

Conventional hydraulic system
  • Pump capacity determined on the basis of simultaneous maximum pressure and maximum flow rate.
  • Pump always runs at full speed, both during processing and during non-processing intervals to maintain pressure.
Proposed system
  • Precise control of motor rotation speed meets minimum flow and pressure requirements at any time according to the actual driving pattern.


Basic performance and usability of equipment does not change.
Significantly reduced oil temperature rise results in less oil deterioration and lower wear of seals.
Improved work environment thanks to lower noise level and reduced ambient temperature rise.
Because we perform modifications in-house, as an equipment manufacturer, we can fully guarantee performance after modifications, as well as follow up with our maintenance service.

Actual measurement values obtained at company A using our equipment

Annual power consumption per equipment
Comparison to conventional equipment
  • While maintaining pressure

  • Average during operation

  • Existing hydraulic pressure system

  • Energy saving system


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