Women’s Active Participation

As part of our promotion of diversity management, we have formulate an action plan to help female employees flourish in the workplace as follows.

Plan Period

From April 1, 2023 to December 31, 2026

Company issues

Issue 1.
The ratio of women in managerial positions is slightly lower than the "average value for each industry."
Issue 2.
Job categories for female new graduate hires are narrow.

In recent years, the number of female recruits has been increasing, so we have expanded the scope of work We need to increase the number of applicants and recruits.

Goals and Details of Initiatives

Goal 1: Increase the number of women in managerial positions by 25% by January 1, 2027 compared to April 2023.

Details of Initiatives

We will focus on strengthening the training of candidates for managerial positions.
- Understand the current situation, analyze issues, and consider measures to address issues related to the development of candidates for managerial positions.

Goal 2: During the period of the plan, increase the percentage of women hired among new graduates to 30% or more.

Details of Initiatives

The following will be implemented in recruitment activities after 2023 (hiring from 2024 to 2026).
- We will hire women in all occupations, including sales, technology, technical skills, and clerical work.
- Strengthen public relations activities for students (participation of female employees in company information sessions at schools, etc.).

Goal 3: Raise the ratio of women among all employees to 17% or more as of January 1, 2027.

Details of Initiatives

As part of promoting the active participation of women, we are working on measures to prevent job separation due to reasons such as childbirth and childcare. Consider measures to expand the range of jobs for women.

1. Efforts to prevent job separation due to childbirth, childcare, etc.
- Since the rate of childcare leave taken by women has remained at almost 100%, we will continue to inform eligible employees about the system and Make it known.
- Disseminate diverse working styles, such as shortening working hours after returning to work after childcare leave.

2. Efforts to expand the scope of work
- Consider hiring and assigning women to occupations where there are few or no women.
- Conduct an awareness survey on work and consider improvement measures based on the survey results.