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President  Hiroshi Arito In 1918, Nihon Spindle Manufacturing started as a company that made and developed spindles: main components of spinning machineries. We have long been tackling to develop environmental equipments such as air filters and dust collectors, and various automated equipment, through actions to improve environment, automation and energy-saving efforts for textile plants. And we utilize the information from our history to manufacture our products. Today, we have four business divisions as described below. The first is the Environmental business that promotes environmental protection and recycling. The second is the Air Conditioning System business that assists to make reliable factory environment and optimize product processes. The third is the Industrial Machinery business that contributes to various industries using our unique technologies. The other is the Building Materials business that helps to create warm-hearted schools, hospitals and welfare facilities.
We support your life through supplying our products to various fields.
President   Hiroshi Arito
Company Profile
Name Nihon Spindle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Established April, 1918
Capital JP yen 3,275,994,600
Head Office 4-2-30 Shioe, Amagasaki-city, Hyogo, 661-8510, Japan
Tel: +81-6-6499-5551 Fax: +81-6-6499-7627
Number of Employees 359
Directors President Hiroshi Arito
Director Shigeto Saiuchi
Director Makoto Sugimoto
Director Masatoshi Takeda
Director Shigeo Kondou
Director Yasutaka Kato
Auditor Toshihiko Nakajima
Branches, Offices and Factries
Tokyo Branch Sumitomo Fudosan Ueno Building No5, 1-10-14
Kita-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0014
Tel: +81-3-5246-5610
Kansai Branch 4-2-30 Shioe, Amagasaki-city, Hyogo, 661-8510
Chubu Office Sakae Ono Building, 1-10-24
Higashi Sakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi, 461-0005
Tel: +81-52-957-7380
Affiliated company
SFK Co., Ltd. 500 Kobe, Tsuyama-shi, Okayama,
708-0015, Japan
Tel: +81-868-28-1161
IZUMI FOOD MACHINERY Co., Ltd. 4-2-30 Shioe, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo,
661-8510, Japan
Tel: +81-6-6718-6150
DALIAN SPINDLE ENVIRONMENTAL FACILITIES CO.,LTD. No.8 North-East Street 4, Economic & Technology
Development Zone, Dalian, 116600, China
Tel: +86-411-6677-1555
Nihon Spindle Cooling Towers
Sdn. Bhd.
20 B Jalan Perusahaan, Prai Industrial Estate 4,
13600 Prai, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +60-4-501-33-22

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