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Privacy Policy of Nihon Spindle

Nihon Spindle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") recognizes that it is an important obligation for the Company to protect the personal information of customers, shareholders, suppliers, the Company’s officers and employees (hereinafter referred to as “specific personal information” as defined in legal regulations regarding the use of numbers for identifying specific individuals in administrative procedures). We will endeavor to protect this information based on the following policy.

(1) When acquiring personal information, the Company will do so by using appropriate and fair means, and will ensure that the personal information is kept accurate and managed safely.
(2) The company will not use personal information except for the purpose(s) of use as indicated at the time of acquisition.
(3) The Company will not provide any personal information to third parties without obtaining prior consent of the concerned party, except as provided for by laws and regulations. The Company will not provide any specific personal information to third parties, regardless of the presence or absence of consent of the concerned party, except as provided for by laws and regulations.
(4) If the Company entrusts the handling of personal information to subcontractors of the Company, the information will be limited to the extent necessary, a contract requiring personal information management will be concluded beforehand, and appropriate supervision will be implemented.
(5) The Company will take appropriate and effective information security measures against the risk of personal information data being lost, destroyed, altered, leaked, or subject to unauthorized access from the outside.
(6) The Company will promptly respond within a reasonable extent when the owner of the personal information requests the disclosure, revision, cessation of use, deletion etc. of his / her personal information.
(7) The Company will conduct training for officers and employees on personal information protection guidelines, the contents of internal regulations and appropriate management methods, and the proper handling of personal information in daily work.
(8) The Company will appoint a personal information protection officer and continuously review the contents of the Company's personal information protection policy and management system with the aim of maintenance and improvement.
Handling of personal information and specific personal information
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January 2016

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