Materials Procurement


Our materials procurement policy
Nihon Spindle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., aims to contribute to the development of society by providing excellent products to our customers. We are looking for partners who concur with our way of thinking and can provide economical and high quality materials.
Materials procurement via the Internet
In addition to conventional procurement methods, we have started to procure materials via the Internet.
We are looking forward to hearing from suppliers who can provide the materials posted on the required materials list page.
We will strictly protect any information and technical data provided by suppliers, regardless of whether a contract is concluded or not.
Sales information and technical secrets obtained in purchase transactions will not be disclosed to third parties without prior approval by the concerned party.

Contracting Procedure

New application
Please contact us regarding materials or parts that you are offering.
Preparing a quote
We shall carefully verify the content of submitted quotes (volume, suggested price etc.).
We may also ask for additional information about your company including company profile, product catalogs, technical reference material, drawings etc.
Request for samples
We may also ask for inspection data regarding submitted samples.
Quality evaluation
We will evaluate the delivered items and decide whether to go ahead.
Negotiation about conditions
The conditions of the transaction will be worked out.
Conclusion of transaction agreement
The transaction agreement is signed by both parties.
Orders will be placed according to the transaction conditions.

List of Required Materials

Nihon Spindle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is currently in need of the following materials.
Please submit a quote only after carefully verifying that the specifications and delivery conditions etc. of the product or service you are offering match our requirements.
We also welcome proposals regarding how to lower costs, based on your technical expertise and know-how. * If this is your first visit to this page, please be sure to check the Outline, Contracting Procedure, and List of Required Materials.

Industrial Machinery
Canning, machining, sheet metal, heat treatment (in particular induction hardening), surface grinding, surface treatment (HCr plating), hardfacing (stellite), casting
Dust collectors
Dust collector can and duct, large fan, control panel, dust collector installation and maintenance work, electrical construction
Air conditioning equipment
Sheet metal plate (steel plate, SUS material), clean room equipment, clean room equipment construction, control panel and electrical construction
Cooling and heating equipment
FRP, resin parts, piping material, cooling tower installation and maintenance work