Specialized models to meet various needs.

Product Line-up

  • D75-100

    DISPERSION MIXER with sliding door
    This mixer uses a sliding door for material discharge.

    Mixing capacity : 75 liters
    Motor : 100HP ( 75kW )

  • DP75-250

    This powerful mixer featurea four strong columns to support the pressurizing cylinder. There is also plenty of room around and above the chamber for installation of a material supply unit.

    Mixing capacity : 75 liters
    Motor : 250HP ( 190kW )

  • DD75-250

    DISPERSION MIXER with drop door
    Materials are easily discharged through the convenient drop door. Materials high in powder content such as filler, calcium carbonate and carbon black can be supplied simultaneously. Yet never is any material allowed to escape or blow out. A supply chute or supply port can be installed if necessary.

    Mixing capacity : 75 liters
    Motor : 250HP ( 190kW )

  • KRD55-100-40

    Combination DISPERSION MIXER ruder
    Equipped with an extruding screw to automatically discharge material, this unique unit combines a variety of advanced features. Because it can be easily connected to the down-stream equipment, it is perfectly suited for the processing of materials that generate poisonous gas or which are harmful to touch. Materials which deteriorate when exposed to air can also be safely and automatically processed.

    Mixing capacity : 55 liters
    Motor : 100HP ( 75kW )
    Extruding screw : 40HP ( 30kW )