(Hydraulic operation chamber)

New mechanism of detachable rotor introduced.


  • Easy cleaning by detachable rotor
  • Efficiently mixes materials in small batches
  • Ideal for R&D and test-mixing of new materials
  • Exceptionally useful for small-batch production and pilot plants
  • Facilitates production of sample materials


Total capacity 8L
Mixing capacity 3L
Main motor 10HP(7.5kw)Inverter dedicated motor
Rotor speed 1) Front rotor: 3.2~32rpm(Constant torque) 32~48rpm(Constant output)
2) Rear rotor: 2.6~26rpm(Constant torque) 26~39rpm(Constant output)
Air cylinder 1) Method of Operation system: Solenoid valve formula
2) Pressure lid: 100φ
Material discharge Retractable hydraulic mixing tank (detachable blade axis)
Rotor direction Forward and reverse
Shaft seal MS mechanical packing
Temperature regulation Chamber Electric heater: 250 ℃
Jacket: cooling water, steam
Pressure lid Jacket: cooling water, steam
Thermocouple Projection in the bottom of mixing tank
Temperature sensor (G-A. single element) thermocouple
Control panel Temperature indicator controller, sequencer, equipped with emergency stop push button, etc.