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FFC  Flow Forming Center
In FFC(Flow Froming Center), we have permanent test machines to cope with the customer request, such as " Would like to change to Spinning process" or "Can this shape be spinning processed ?".
We cope with the process test request from the customers, joint development with customers and our own process development in FFC.
Permanent test machine   Process exampie
High power flow forming test machine
This flow forming test machine is the most suitable for high load and highly accurate process for thick plate and forged material.
Flow forming process is made with changing max 8 tools.

Tube spinning test machine (static work method)
Tube spinning test machine is static work type for spinning the tube end.
Possible to cope with eccentric and oblique process.

Spinning test machine for large work size (max work dia 1500mm)
This spinning test machine has opposed roller base and possible to handle max 1500 mm work external diameter.

Spinning test machine for large work size (max work dia 650mm)
This spinning test machine has opposed roller bases and possible to process with using max 5 tools.

Vertical electrical flow forming machine
It is the new generation flow forming machine which has 6 axis CNC control, highly accurate control of electrical servo with high rigid structure.
Main application is for Forged/Casting wheel process. It is also suitable for transmission parts and pulley process with utilizing its features.

Achievement and trust
Our machines are receiving high reputation by its superior design to meet customer's demands and its easy maintenance. Thanks to customer's support, up to now more than 1000 delivery records are achieved at home and abroad. As a parts of collaboration with customer, we welcome various processing tests.


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